Kelsie’s Journey

I was introduced to physical vascular therapy at Circulation Station in Knoxville/Maryville. I have been using it consistently for two months to enhance my overall well-being and support my athletic performance. I have noticed significant improvements in my energy levels, allowing my nervous system to fire at a high level each training session.

Like any elite athlete, I am always pushing the limits in training and competition, which causes me to toe the line with injury. I recently tweaked my hamstring at a competition where intense heat and fluid loss were contributing factors. This happened at a critical phase in my competitive season and I had to pull out of the competition. 

Thankfully, I had this rented medical equipment with me at the competition and was able to immediately use the device. This allowed me to get improved blood flow to the affected area to support my body’s natural healing process. I continued using their technology multiple times a day for the following week. I coupled this with other recovery modalities such as massage, eccentric hamstring exercises, extra sleep, and quality nutrition. This combination helped me return to normal training volume within ten days. This is important because now I have full stamina for the Canadian National Championships and Pan American Games coming up in the next few weeks. 

I am so happy I have added the vascular therapy at Circulation Station to my training and rehab regimen. It gives me peace of mind knowing I have access to a device that enhances blood flow throughout my body and supports my body’s natural healing mechanisms! This is so important for athletes who are pushing the limits every day! 

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