Perform Better in the Zone

Have you ever had the experience while doing an activity or playing a sport, that you are “In The Zone”? Many athletes, video gamers and musicians speak about the feeling of being “locked in” and focused while they play. This mental and physical synergy usually results in achieving optimal performances. Those performances create good memories and will lift the confidence of both those individuals and the teams that they play on.

What if there was a proven way to create more performances that were in the zone? What if that way involved spending only 8 minutes relaxing and focusing, and that it did not involve any drugs? There is a technology that has a twenty year track record of helping athletes around the world who are competing at the highest levels to maximize their performances. Circulation Station located in Alcoa, and later this month in West Knoxville, exclusively uses the patented BEMER technology that gives these athletes their edge. Just ask local Olympian Kelsie Ahbe about here experience with our therapy

Are you interested in training and competing at your highest level? We encourage you to come and give BEMER a try and put our claims to the test.Take advantage of our 3 complimentary sessions by clicking HERE or call (865) 995-6229 today to schedule an appointment.

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