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Athletes Need More Sleep

The demand that athletic training and competition place on our bodies is extremely high. Most trainers know very well that it is during the recovery phase that muscle and joint tissue repairs and improves itself,The process of hard training and competition breaks us down, and then our miraculous bodies repair themselves and makes itself even stronger than before our exertion began, in order to be prepared for the next major physical effort.

It is during our sleeping hours that an exceptionally large percentage of the recovery process occurs. Having sufficient restful, deep sleep is essential for the competitive athlete to achieve recovery. The BEMER medical device technology dramatically improves our bodies ability to achieve a deep and restful level of sleep! The fact is reinforced by the fact that the BEMER has earned an internationally recognized patent for its built in sleep program.

A great example of BEMERs’ ability to aid athletes in their sleep recovery is provided by local endurance running champion Luke Bollschweiler( AKA Ultra Man). Watch his story below!

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What Can a Warthog and a Meerkat Teach Us About Stress?

In 1994, Disney released an animated movie about a little lion cub that runs away from home and meets a pair of new friends that teach him their motto, Hakuna Matata. Hakuna matata is Swahii phrase that means, “no trouble or no problems.” Easier said than done.

It’s a busy world and often we find ourselves juggling family, work, finances and other responsibilities that leave us frazzled and frustrated with ourselves. Stress doesn’t just affect your mental health but it also affects your physical health. Stress lead to digestive problems, depression, memory issues, high blood pressure and heart disease and stroke. If you count yourself in the millions of people a year that struggle with managing stress then try the following suggestions:

  1. Physical activity releases endorphins and provides a mental distraction.
  2. Eat a HEALTHY and BALANCED diet!
  3. Get enough sleep. Turn off the screen backlit screens prior to bed and get 7-9 hours per night.
  4. Therapeutic approaches like meditation or physical vascular therapy sessions offeredat Circulation Station can help alleviate and manage existing stress.
  5. Take a BREAK! It’s not always easy to walk away from whatever is the cause of your stress but taking a break by performing a hobby or some other distraction can be helpful.

Try these approaches, book your appointment with the us here and just remember Hakuna Matata!